Sign-up: AudioActive and RadioReverb are developing a radio show run by young people…

Those under the age of 25 interested in getting into radio will be pleased to hear that AudioActive and RadioReverb are working on a new monthly radio show.

RadioReverb, the long-running Brighton radio station has picked AudioActive as their charity of the year for 2020/21, offering the opportunity for young people to receive free radio training. With a monthly show on RadioReverb’s airwaves, too, it’s the perfect opportunity for any budding DJs, sound technicians or journalists to gain some valuable, practical experience.

We are looking to fill five roles with young people under the age of 25. Also, no previous experience is required for any of these roles, with exclusive training from RadioReverb’s team being one of the main aspects of this project. Apply for these opportunities here.

The roles are as follows:

Anchor / Presenter

The host(s) of the programme. This role includes writing scripts, introducing music, conducting interviews and helping the show flow.

Music Supervisor

Selects, sources and vets music for the programme to ensure compliance with Ofcom regulations. This person will also get permission for tracks to be included in the broadcast, too.

Sound Designer

This role is all about the audio branding of the show, with the Sound Designer learning how to create jingles and beds.

Digital Producer

Creates digital content for the show such as imagery and audiograms to promote it. Uploads the show to on-demand platforms such Mixcloud.

Content Producers (Local news / Arts & Culture)

These roles are responsible for researching news in the local area. These can be social issues in the local community as well as local arts and culture news such as new music and upcoming gigs.

Fill out this short form to apply to be a part of AudioActive’s radio show on RadioReverb.


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