AudioActive Artists performing on BBC1 Saturday 10th October

We’re really excited to have been handpicked to appear in a once in a lifetime mash-up performance with a fellow Lottery funded arts project.

The performance will feature two young artists who have been working with AudioActive for several years.

19 year old Connor Budd a.k.a HUSK¥ is a producer from Brighton, his style fuses elements from various genres, from Trap and Hip-Hop to Grime and Future RnB. He is currently working on solo material and his second EP 

19 year old Josh Thompson a.k.a Apex Tha Producer is a Trap and Hip Hop producer and MC, also from Brighton. 

To see the performance, tune into the National Lottery Live this Saturday (10th October) broadcast at 10pm on BBC One.

Connor and Josh will be providing the soundtrack for dance project DU Dance.  The special collaboration has been chosen to showcase the skills of Lottery-funded arts project and the performance will be broadcast to an audience of millions

Adam Joolia, AudioActive’s Director said:

“We’re thankful to the National Lottery who’s support is helping young people every day to discover and nurture their talents. All of us are thrilled for Connor and Josh, and all of the other talented young artists performing on the show”

Connor was excited about his upcoming performance on the draw show:

“When I got asked to be a part of this project I would’ve been stupid to pass up such a good opportunity, Not only for my career as an independent musician but as a lover of creative projects all together, bringing people from all different cultures and backgrounds together to make one solid final product. I would like to say a big thank you to AudioActive who have supported me. Looking forward to this Saturday!

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