AudioActive is a groundbreaking charity using music and creativity to make a real difference in the the lives of young people. 


Through mentoring and regular engagement in our broad community we support young people’s personal & social development, as well as develop them as musicians and artists. 

After nearly 20 years of operation our work is making a real impact locally and even inspiring similar work internationally. So that we can continue to change lives we are teaming up with local businesses to secure our future, with regular donations of £50 to £500 per month. 

Watch here AudioActive x Rag’n’Bone Man: Supporting Grass Roots Talent 


Our approach…

Pioneering a Fairer, More Inclusive Music Industry & Society


This progression means that we are not only helping to create a more inclusive, diverse music industry from the bottom up, but a fairer society. Currently the best routes into employment and industry exist within formal training. However, by the age of 16, many very talented young people have been let down by, or simply did not fit into the conventional education system. As a result, many of our most promising young creative minds plateau in their late teens and sadly never fulfil their potential. As notable business leaders and innovators reflect, many of them once fit this ‘square peg’ profile, describing negative experiences of education. Think Da Vinci, Einstein, Steve Jobs… but how many young people will never make their mark because they were let down by our education system? 

AudioActive is committed to championing these ‘square pegs’. To give them a fair chance we want marginalised young people and artists to have access to resources and provision that is of equivalent or higher quality to their counterparts in mainstream education, so we’ve launched a vision to pioneer the UK’s first Centre of Excellence (CoE) for non-formal talent development. Bringing together high-end facilities and mentoring to develop high-level skills and opportunities for young people through real life projects first and foremost as opposed to courses and qualifications. This is what we mean by ‘non-formal’. 

The CoE is a game changer for young people and we need help. Substantial capital funding is out there but in order to lever it in, we need to build the long-term sustainability of the organisation. This means attracting regular unrestricted revenue to scaffold the organisation making AudioActive more investment ready as we move towards this exciting step-change. 

We want to work with businesses who want to make a real difference. 

As a lean organisation your donation won’t be funding exorbitant salaries or adding to huge reserves. By supporting a small, local charity you will be able to see first hand the change you are part of. 

For a modest monthly donation of between £50 & £500, supporters can expect their logo on our supporters page and a quarterly update about what we’ve done and the impact we’ve had. Relationships are important to us, they’re why what we do works, so we’ll happily meet face-to-face periodically for an update, but beyond that, we want to make sure that as much of your donation and our resources as possible are committed to local impact and Better Futures Through Music, which is why this note is all we produce and why there’s no Corporate Supporters Package attached, nor promises of fancy fundraising dinners (sorry!). 

Change Takes Time 


For young people living in challenging circumstances, change doesn’t just happen overnight or even over a few months. That’s why we work so hard to join up pathways between our brief intervention based Social Change projects into our year-round open access projects, where they become part of a safe, consistent and positive community, introducing stability, during tumultuous or pivotal periods in their lives. Here we regularly support young people for several years and whilst some go on to carve out careers as professional, even well known artists; the benefits that most report are feelings of belonging and self belief, increased resilience & wellbeing, a sense of agency and an ability to make decisions that are good for them. These are outcomes which, in a society where a record number of young people feel hopeless about their futures, can be lifesaving. 

See Sam reflecting on 10 years with AudioActive and his journey from troubled teen to inspirational Music Leader and emerging artist.