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Radio by young people, for young people

A close up photograph DJ using a mixing deck and turntables


Pursuing a career in the creative industry is incredibly competitive and as such, getting practical working experience is vital for Young People. The modern creative should have many strings to their bow and we’re keen to give Young People the opportunity to try new things and broaden their skills.


After local station RadioReverb named AudioActive as their charity of the year for 2020, we were able to give Young People the opportunity to take an active role in producing their very own radio show.

AudioActiveRadio now airs monthly on Platform B (105.5FM) and focuses on local and underground music from AudioActive affiliates and beyond, all while equipping a team of young people with practical skills such as sound design, presenting, digital production and more.



  • What I enjoy most about the show is getting to speak to different people and hear their stories and experiences as well as learn more about services we have to help those in need and what support we can all give to others. I also love having something to focus on with a group of really cool people.”

  • “I enjoy the freedom we have to curate the show the way we want and also that we get to experience different roles and see which ones we like the most!”

  • “I like having the ability to share my opinions on topics through the music that I pick and that we are super accepting and represent the views of Brighton as a whole.”

  • “This show brings so many different cultures and music together. There’s something for everyone.”

  • “I enjoy learning to work with a team and listening to the show together.”


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