Support for new generation of music leaders

Aspiring young musicians have had the chance to develop new skills as workshop leaders, working alongside professional tutors from AudioActive, opening up new work opportunities along the way.

The 2-year ‘Journeys’ programme, in partnership with the Youth Offending Service in Brighton & Hove, took eight trainee music leaders aged 16-24 through the vocational training allowing them to experience different aspects of delivering diversionary music sessions to other young people, some who are involved in the criminal justice system.

Trainee Jay Harz described the impact the programme has had: “We got to design our own course to teach other young people skills in studio production and lyric writing. I learnt some important skills like how to be self-employed and manage group behaviour.Since doing the programme I have been offered further work teaching music.”

AudioActive Project Manager Kevin Grist added: “Journeys has been a successful and positive programme, revealing some talented workshop leaders in the making. As we know, it is a particularly challenging time for young people looking for work – especially those who may be seeking careers in the arts. We hope this will act as a springboard for them.”

The latest round of trainees delivered classes in DJing and music production to a group of 10 participants during a week-long summer intensive in July. They also achieved the Arts Award Silver qualification, having demonstrated skills in project planning and leadership. ‘Journeys’ is supported by funding from Youth Music.

Listen to some of the music participants created here:

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