All group sessions suspended

In light of the current situation with regard to Coronavirus and announcements from HM Government, AudioActive has taken the difficult decision to temporarily suspend all group sessions, events and workshops

We will continue to assess the situation and provide updates via social media and our website.

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Mixtape Submissions


Judged by a panel of industry professionals, artists, labels, managers ad more, submit your track to be considered for the new AudioActive mixtape!

Submissions are open for anyone involved in AudioActive projects / sessions / gigs


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Room to Rant

Room to Rant is a space for young men to ‘get stuff off their chest’. Members are encouraged to be themselves, talking and exploring their struggles and life experiences through spoken word, rap and hip hop. Room to Rant is the genuine voice of the group, no previous experience is necessary. These relaxed drop-ins will help participants build on lyric writing and improvisation skills. The sessions will be facilitated by two highly experienced and accomplished rappers who are well respected in the hip hop and music scene in Brighton. 

Feedback from our last Room to Rant was positive, the young men talked about how  the sessions had helped them:

‘It helped me manage my emotions better in the group because I could talk about things and people understand, no one judged me.’

‘Before I never used to spit bars by myself but, now I write a bit of poetry. It helps me sort my story out and helps me make sense of things.’ 


Age: 16-25;

Day and Time: Thursday evenings 6-8:30

Venue: ONCA Gallery, 14 St George’s Pl, Brighton BN1 4GB

Sessions will run throughout the year and members will be supported to engage with the project.


How to get involved

Young people – Refer yourself by filling our our online form here

Professionals working with Young People – please download this referral form and return it to


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SET TO EMERGE: The two young artists poised to push things forward!


“I’m proud to be supporting AudioActive’s Emerge programme. This project has been a long time in the making and I think the timing is perfect for these two exciting artists. Phonetic and Mei were already on my radar through working with AudioActive so I’m really looking forward to seeing what they are both capable of with this extra support. Watch this space…” Rag’n’Bone Man, (AudioActive Patron)

Fires are being set across the south coast. The ability to reach out and share material is getting easier by the second, with tomorrow’s stars fashioning their own dreams and creating their own luck, unspoiled by the noise of record label interference. With our new artist development initiative, AudioActive plans to fan these flames…
Launched in November last year, AudioActive’s Emerge initiative promised two successful applicants a full year of ongoing support, guidance and funding that would deliver the last push needed for them to reach the next level in their careers.
Emerge targeted a specific breed of artists; the restless, ambitious type, who had shown they’d fully embraced whatever tools were available to them, however modest; irrepressible talents that had the ability to focus firm on their visions, however far off; self-starters with a passion and desire that – for them – means success is inevitable however long it takes. In short, artists with the belief that music really is an option…
With such an offer came a swathe of applicants that, once narrowed to a shortlist of 10, performed at Brighton’s Bottega Rooms in front of a panel of music industry professionals.


“The Emerge showcase was the first time I’d seen any of the talent coming through AudioActive and I was really impressed,” said Global Music marketing consultant Kate Rock. “From singers to rappers, songwriters to DJs and multi-instrumentalists, AudioActive keep providing a stage in more ways than one – and that has to be supported.”


Roxy Roberts of Hear No Evil management agreed: “The talent was diverse and unmistakable. It was easy to see how the Emerge program would be put to good use as the potential in each of the young artists was clear to see, the showcase itself providing a safe space for them to shine and support one another. I found myself intrigued by many of the acts and proud to see those that have already pushed themselves to the next level.”


The votes are in…


AudioActive has uncovered two creators that could well add to the hottest soundtracks of 2019. For rapper Phonetic and trip hop/pop artist Mei, the time has come…
Phonetic is an incendiary rapper with a truckload of talent. An alchemist of words, and one who lives and breathes to a beat, she delivers her truth with unbridled conviction. Phonetic is quickly making her presence known in British hip hop circles.

“Mostly I think I’m excited to try new things with my music that perhaps I wouldn’t have been able to try before. I’m all about experimenting and I feel this funding is going to be the ticket to a whole new adventure in my musical career. Watch this space!”  –  Sade (Phonetic)


Of equal stature is Aine Gradisher, a.k.a. Mei, a trip-hop and pop artist that has grown in stature via a superb debut single on College Music records and tracks that are luring in a growing number of devotees.

“I am extremely grateful to AudioActive for believing in my creative vision and giving me the freedom to break boundaries in my artistic expression…I feel AudioActive offers a safe environment with people you can trust to help avoid situations that put artists in a position where they can be taken advantage of”  –  Aine Gradisher (Mei)

Whats on offer?
Rehearsal studios, video shoots, lawyers, mixing and mastering, merchandise… as well as one-to-one access to industry mentors including renowned producers, videographers and managers, radio DJs, PR gurus and accountants, through to frontline artists such as Rizzle Kicks’ Jordan Stephens, vocal-looping pioneer Bunty and South London rap talent Genesis Elijah.
This is no crutch, Emerge promises its chosen bright young things a springboard into the future built upon a foundation very much of their own creation – and to awaken skills even the artists didn’t know they had…Not to mention the ever-present advocacy of AudioActive’s Patron, Rag’n’Bone Man, who invited Emerge artist Phonetic to be the supporting act on his Overproof Tour dates in Glasgow & Manchester!
Funders: PRSF/Arts Council/National Lottery grants

For more information contact: 

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Launching The Movement

We are a community of catalysts… AudioActive is our life support machine/ Filling us to the brim with thoughts and dreams/ While forging the music scene/ We are one big team, not just musically – and the goal is unity.” ‘Ode To AudioActive’ – Eben’Flo

Creativity needs to be fed and watered. Wednesday 24th October at Brighton’s new Holler Brewery saw the launch of AudioActive’s latest initiative in its manifesto to provide a solid foundation for local grassroots talent – and it’s a venture that will do just that.

Aptly christened The Movement, this powerful new enterprise aligns progressive local businesses with the vast array of young artists that keep the urban music scene burning bright, to provide regular funding that will safeguard the future for this cast of talented raconteurs.
And already it’s flourishing.

Two future-minded businesses within the Brighton community that are leading the way as early advocates of the cause are Holler and Fatto A Mano. As such, Holler’s impressive contemporary space, situated in the heart of Brighton’s thriving London Road area, was a fitting launchpad from which to set The Movement in motion.

Not only did Holler’s phenomenal selection of craft beers ensure attendees were well-oiled, but Fatto A Mano’s fine artisan pizzas appeared magically throughout the night.

Victuals aside, at the core of proceedings was AudioActive’s masterly cast of artists, who provided the fireworks via their own inimitable soundtrack to the city.

AudioActive’s ever-present patron Rory Graham – a.k.a. Rag’n’Bone Man – was in attendance to introduce such bright lights as AA alumnus Phonetic, currently making sizeable waves in the British hip hop scene; the immensely gifted Boudicca Pepper, whose blend of hip hop and silky tones has the ability to drop jaws, and a slick sparring session from opening act Bador.

Needless to say, a timely cipher was thrown into the mix that gripped the crowd well into the night…

“The talent performing on the night was incredible,” states Rupert Davidson, first in a growing number to sign up to The Movement.

“As Fatto a Mano and Holler Brewery, we’ve been blown away by AudioActive’s impact at the grassroots in our community. Join The Movement.”

While grants and funding provide organisations such as AudioActive with much-needed revenue, initiatives such as The Movement provide the nuts and bolts.

Fixed donations cover the day-to-day running costs needed to keep AudioActive’s many projects alive – from the Kustom Vibes monthly showcase and pioneering Electric Youth Ensemble through to equipment that’s vital to keep the music coming.

In short, The Movement is about local businesses that are committed to making a difference within their communities and, by signing up, they are safeguarding the future for young talent.

“It just makes so much sense,” says Holler founder Steve Keegan. “If it’s something that you’re going to support, it’s important to have much more of a long-term connection.”

For a project so recently set in motion, it’s significant to see how many future-minded companies are already on board: BeFries, Bread & Milk, Long Story ShortMatchbox Mobile, Alter & Company and, of course, Holler Brewery and Fatto A Mano, have all pledged their continuing support.

In the words of EbenFlo, this truly is ‘a community of catalysts’. Now it’s up to us to add to the spark.

Those wishing to sign up to The Movement should log on to the AudioActive Supporter’s Page at or contact Suggested monthly donations are from £50 – £500.

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AudioActive’s impact, 10 years on

Sam recounts his time as a troubled teen, and his journey to becoming an inspirational emerging artist & music leader. According to Sam, music has had a life-changing impact on his life and he has some frank and fond reflections on his 10 years working with AudioActive.

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Kustom Vibes

Kustom Vibes is our monthly all-ages event at The Rose Hill.

Audioactive have teamed up with QM RecordsNelson Navarro and Slip Jam to bring a night of performances from young musicians involved in all our projects, our tutors and up and coming acts with a connection to our organisation.

Kustom Vibes takes place on the third Tuesday of every Month, Doors at 7pm. Keep an eye on our Facebook for details of the next event. Entry is free but donations are welcome. If you’d like to perform at Kustom Vibes then get in touch Kustom Vibes all-ages event – there is no age-limit for entry

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Electric Youth Ensemble

Our nationally significant Electric Youth Ensemble is the first of its kind in the UK.

So far, EYE have headlined their own show at The Old Market, performed on the same bill as Kate Tempest at Brighton Festival and travelled to Manchester to run workshops for music educators

Aside from creating and performing excellent and adventurous new music its aim is to nurture the innovative artists of tomorrow by giving them a firm grounding in industry level digital instrumentation and live production skills during their formative years as musicians. Take a look at the short film below to find out more…

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rap cypher


Sessions is our open access skills development, performance and master class

Whether you’re an aspiring young musician wanting to get into music production or an emerging artist looking to get some professional mentorship or industry support there’s something for you at Sessions.


Music Production, Rap & Lyric Writing, Live Production, Recording workshops run weekly delivered by professional artist practitioners with industry experience.

Participants can also plug in to regular performance opportunities from low-key open mic events to high profile gigs.


Session run term time only.


MondaysMusic production 6:30-8:30pm at Bottega Rooms – Melbourne St, Brighton BN2 3LH (map)

TuesdaysRap and lyrics 5-7pm at Bottega Rooms – Melbourne St, Brighton BN2 3LH (map)

How to find Bottega Rooms – come through the car park, entrance is on the left hand side of the building, next to the wooden terrace. For info, or for parking access, phone 01273 673703 for Reception

WednesdaysMusic Production and Rap – 6.00-8.00pm – at BIMM Falmer Campus, Brighton Aldridge Community Academy, Lewes Rd, Brighton, BN1 9PW (map)

Sign up for Brighton Sessions here


ThursdaysEqualiser – Female only digital music session – 6:30-8:30 at Bottega Rooms – Melbourne St, Brighton BN2 3LH (map)

How to find Bottega Rooms – come through the car park, entrance is on the left hand side of the building, next to the wooden terrace. For info, or for parking access, phone 01273 673703 for Reception

Sign up for Equaliser here



Mondays – Rap, lyrics, bars 5:00-7:00pm at Cellar Arts Club (side entrance), Basement, 70 Marine Parade, Worthing, BN11 3QB (map)

TuesdaysMusic production, Live Sound, Recording 4:00-6:00pm at Ridiculously Cool Music Studios 
15 Southcourt Road, Unit 4B, Soutcourt Yard, BN14 7DF, Worthing (map)

ThursdaysMusic production, Beatmaking, Songwriting/Rap 4:00-6:00pm at Northbrook Metropolitan College
Littlehampton Rd, Worthing BN12 6NU (map)

Sign up for Worthing Sessions here



WednesdaysMusic Production, Beatmaking, Songwriting/Rap 5:00-7:00pm The Find It Out Centre 7 Penhill Street, Lancing, BN15 8HA (map)

Sign up for Lancing Sessions here



Mondays – Vocals, beats 5:00-7:00pm at Western and Warrior Studios, Basement, 33-35 Western Road, Saint Leonards-on-Sea, TN37 6DJ (map)

Sign up for Hastings Sessions here



Tuesdays – Vocals, beats 5:00-7:00pm at The Pelham, Hollier’s Hill, Bexhill-on-Sea, TN40 2DD (map)

Sign up for Bexhill Sessions here



TuesdaysMusic production 6-8pm at Brighton MET East Campus
Wilson Avenue, Brighton, BN2 5PBg (map)

More info here

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