AudioActive is a ground-breaking music organisation, working with young people at the meeting point of technology and contemporary youth culture. For us, music is an end in itself as well as a tool for social change, education and personal development. We are restless, unafraid and excited about what we do.

Our Core Principles:


We work with young people as artists first and foremost. Regardless of their starting point, we support them to become part of a wider scene, working in the places and with the people that they want to be involved with. We avoid bringing our own agendas


Music, technology and the exciting possibilities that they can offer are constantly evolving. Because of this, we can never stand still for too long. We keep our finger on the pulse and are always looking for new ways to develop and keep our work current, fresh and relevant to young people


We are excited by finding new ways of doing things. Musically this means that we support young people and emerging artists to create work that breaks new ground and wows audiences. On a social level it means that we spearhead creative new approaches to difficult societal problems that can change the lives of those that more conventional services have often struggled to help


It’s rare to achieve innovation without overcoming some level of adversity. We are intentionally ambitious in the challenges we set ourselves. We know that we need to take risks to get the best results for young people and our scene and often this means setting the bar high

Engagement & Progression

We believe in working with young people over long periods of time across multiple settings. We work hard to create joined up pathways and bespoke support to make sure that we offer great opportunities for young people at every stage in their journey


Partnership, including with young people, is in our DNA. In everything we do, we set out to build great alliances to help young people and those that work with them to achieve great things.


We believe that society is often too down on the youth and sadly – especially those in challenging circumstances – rarely get the opportunity to shine. We provide access to state of the art resources, high profile opportunities and professionals at the top of their game so that young people can really show us what they are capable of when given the right support

It’s all Relative!

We fully acknowledge that many of the young people we work with live in extremely challenging circumstances and many do not want to become professional musicians. We always perceive progress and achievement in relativity to their starting points and aspirations