Our Values


We work with young people as artists first and foremost, helping them to create what they want to create.


We don’t ever want to stand still. Music and technology are always evolving and we want to always remain relevant to the younger generation.


Finding new ways to do things excites us and helps to push the boundaries of music and youth work.


We’re not afraid to set ourselves ambitious goals, even if that means facing adversity along the way.



Partnership is in our DNA, whether that’s with Young People or like-minded organisations who share our vision.


We believe the potential of all Young People to be limitless and will never discourage their ambition.


Achieving equality in the music industries and in wider society starts by providing equal opportunities for all.


We work with Young People and artists at every step of their journey, building relationships that last.

It’s all relative

Success means different things to different people. We judge our achievements and those of Young People on a case-by-case basis.

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