AudioActive’s Autumn 2020 schedule

AudioActive group sessions are happening again in Brighton and across Sussex, doing so in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.

Our Brighton hub, Bottega Rooms, has been open since the late summer for artists looking to book studio time and throughout Autumn and Winter, we’re pleased to be running some of our regular workshops again. Social distancing is, of course, practised at this site and across all other venues in which our projects are going ahead in person.

We also ask anyone attending to please wear a face mask and use the provided hand sanitisation upon entry. Due to Covid-19, our sessions will be running in smaller groups than usual and young people attending are required to sign up in advance or RSVP via

In the event that a workshop has to be postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will be running online alternatives with invites sent out in advance via Zoom, Discord and other alternatives.

As of October 12th, here is AudioActive’s current schedule:


Music Production Sessions (6-8pm at Bottega Rooms)


Rap Sessions (6-8pm at Bottega Rooms)

Room to Rant Worthing (6-8.30pm at Ridiculously Cool Studios)


Room to Rant Brighton (6.30-9pm at Bottega Rooms)


Equaliser (6.30-8.30pm at Bottega Rooms)

Music Production in Worthing (5-7pm at Ridiculously Cool Studios)


Room to Rant Crawley (2-4.30pm at Bewbush Youth Centre, from October 24th onwards)

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