Music production for gender equality


“Still a boys’ club: don’t fall for the hype that the music industry has changed.” Laura Snapes, The Guardian, 2020.


Despite the wealth of female talent in this country, just 19.69% of artists signed to UK labels are women. (Counting The Music Industry: The Gender Pay Gap, 2019).



Equaliser is a weekly music production session that offers free digital music production workshops for young people that identify as women, non-binary and gender variant individuals.

Led exclusively by female musicians, Equaliser redresses the music industry’s archaic gender imbalance when it comes to music production by offering a safe space open to all skill levels where asking questions is encouraged.



  • “To meet so many females with a passion for music tech at the same time was amazing.”

    Equaliser attendee
  • “It was good to meet a wide-range of people who’ve inspired me. I’ve learned how to use software to make music, which was a mystery to me before. “

  • “There aren’t many production experiences and opportunities for me that are all female, they are normally male-driven. That can be intimidating – especially as I’m not that good at production, I find it really hard.”

    17-year-old Equaliser attendee

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