Kustom Vibes

A live event series that champions young artists

A young person rapping into a microphone on stage.


Sussex has some great music venues and festivals, but opportunities for young and developing artists to get on stage tend to be hard to come by.

Performing live is an art form in itself and we believe that there are not enough chances for less experienced acts to practice it – let alone feel the benefits of self-confidence that come with being on stage.


Kustom Vibes is our live event series that puts the emphasis on providing local talent with a platform to perform, growing their own confidence and musical skill.

We often create a line-up that combines well-known acts with young artists who have attended our sessions, boosting the musical CV of artists we work with.



  • “As long as there are young musicians who want a space to be themselves, there will be a place for Kustom Vibes.”

  • “Kustom Vibes is about giving Young People the confidence to step foot on a stage – often for the very first time.”

  • “Over the years we’ve had so many amazing artists show us and themselves what they are capable of doing when it comes to performance and the reaction of the audience is consistently supportive, engaged and enraptured.”


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