audioactive Mixtapes

Compiling the music that gets made in our projects


Having the means to create music is one challenge for many Young People, but having the opportunity to release their creation is another issue altogether.

Releasing at least one mixtape every year, these projects offer a chance for Young People and emerging artists to improve their musical CV and get their art heard.


Open to submissions from all the young people we have worked with, each mixtape features the best music to come out of all of our projects. Judged by established artists and industry experts, the mixtape also offers the chance for professional feedback as well as effective exposure for young artists.

The latest AudioActive Mixtape can be heard via our Soundcloud page.




  • “It’s amazing to hear the kind of music that’s being made in our Sessions and what our young people go on to make. We have been involved with some amazing artists. “

    Cara Topping
    Artist Development & Project Coordinator, AudioActive

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