Room to Rant

A space for young men to rap and get stuff off their chest


Around three-quarters of suicides in the UK are males, but only 36% of referrals for treatment of depression and anxiety are men.

In the 2021 Youth Index, 56% of 16-25-year-olds reported that they always or often feel anxious.


Room to Rant is a safe space for young men to get things off their chest.

With a focus on rap and spoken word, the free workshops are available across Sussex and online. They are led by experienced music leaders who show how music can be a therapeutic release, and they welcome all that identify as men, non-binary and gender variant individuals.

All sessions are attended by a mental health professional who can provide any additional support needed – such as referring young people for counselling and psychotherapy. 

The project is funded by Comic Relief and delivered in partnership with AudioActive and YMCA Downslink.

In 2022, the University of Brighton conducted research into Room to Rant, funded by Wellcome Trust: DIGITAL – AudioActive Room to Rant Report 2022.



  • “It helped me manage my emotions better in the group because I could talk about things and people understand. No one judged me.”

    Room to Rant attendee
  • “As a practitioner working primarily with young men, I am aware that ‘talking therapies’ are not always the most appropriate means to address trauma. I am convinced that making music enables Young People to safely discharge pent up anxiety.”

    Paul Jacob
    Substance Use Worker
  • “When I was at my worst, Room to Rant helped me pick myself up.”

    Room to Rant attendee
  • “I was just writing on my own till when I found Room to Rant, I was like… FINALLY!”

    Room to Rant attendee

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