Our free-weekly drop-ins, welcome to all Young People


Funding for Youth services has been cut by 70% in less than a decade. (YMCA, 2020)


In a society where access to music and Youth services is often non-existent, it is crucial that Young People have spaces where they can be creative, productive and safe, regardless of their social background.


AudioActive’s SESSIONS could be considered the flagship of our organisation. Open to all skill levels and completely free to join, young people come to learn or practice music production, beatmaking, singing, songwriting, rapping and more.

Running with our Music Leaders across Sussex, past alumni of our Sessions include a generation of local musicians who have gone to become professionals in their field. A large number of our current Music Leaders also developed their own talents in AudioActive projects – this makes us very proud!



  • “I wanted to be a rapper since I was 6, but it always seemed a fantasy that didn’t seem possible. Going to the studio for me was like a spaceship for a kid who wants to be an astronaut.”

    17-year-old Sessions attendee
  • “My child has a much more positive attitude about their life and even their school learning while attending
    AudioActive sessions.”

    Parent of Sessions attendee
  • “I’ve noticed that my son has learnt a lot from his sessions at AudioActive. He wants to pursue a
    career in music and thus has given him an aim and something to work towards in his life.”

    Parent of Sessions attendee

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