380,000 young people are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

60,000 (aged 10-17) identify as a gang member or have a gang member as a relative.




Shift is a project that offers one-to-one mentoring for vulnerable young people. Working with the council, social workers, teachers and our Music Leaders, Shift exists to combat issues like gang violence, exploitation and homelessness.

We always aim to build long-lasting relationships with the young people, ideally leading to their involvement in AudioActive’s group projects.



  • “I got kicked out of school, went to RMF and now I’ve started at a new school. I’ve made friends quite quickly and they like my music, so Shift has helped that…”

    12-year-old Shift mentee
  • “SHIFT gives Young People the chance to focus on something they are truly passionate about. This allows them to explore their own identity through music and see themselves in a positive light.”

    Greg Machon
    Reboot Coach
  • “The opportunity to have a mentor who shares similar interests to the student is both rare and
    incredibly important and this is an aspect the SHIFT mentoring project that has proved transformative for
    the young people I have come across.”

    Local school teacher
    Patcham High

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