Room to Rant

Room to Rant is a space for young men to ‘get stuff off their chest’. Members are encouraged to be themselves, talking and exploring their struggles and life experiences through spoken word, rap and hip hop. Room to Rant is the genuine voice of the group, no previous experience is necessary. These relaxed drop-ins will help participants build on lyric writing and improvisation skills. The sessions will be facilitated by two highly experienced and accomplished rappers who are well respected in the hip hop and music scene in Brighton. 

Feedback from our last Room to Rant was positive, the young men talked about how  the sessions had helped them:

‘It helped me manage my emotions better in the group because I could talk about things and people understand, no one judged me.’

‘Before I never used to spit bars by myself but, now I write a bit of poetry. It helps me sort my story out and helps me make sense of things.’ 


Age: 16-25;

Day and Time: Thursday evening 6-8:30

Start date: 26 September 2019.

Venue: Youth Advice Centre, 11 St George’s Pl, Brighton BN1 4GB Time

The sessions will run throughout the year and members will be supported to engage with the project.


How to get involved

Young people – Refer yourself by filling our our online form here

Professionals working with Young People – please download this referral form and return it to


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