Projects in Worthing

AudioActive have a number of free music sessions for young people in Worthing, all hosted in our brand new space on Montague Street.


This is a weekly music production space only for young women, non-binary and gender variant individuals. The sessions are run by Cate Ferris and Bobbie Johnson, two experienced local artists, who welcome all your questions about music production and the wider industry.


Whether you want to rap, produce, practise, record, meet other musicians or maybe pick up an instrument or microphone for the first time, SESSIONS is your place to do whatever you want with music. Artists to hone their skills in our SESSIONS down the years include ArrDee, Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn, Spectrasoul and many more, with RAP and PRODUCTION on offer in Worthing.


If something is getting you down, we’re big believers in letting it all out. Room to Rant is a space where young men can do just that, using rap music as a release. The weekly drop-ins are led by professional rappers and happen throughout the week all over Sussex.

Sign up for these Worthing projects below:

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