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Break4Change gave me hope when I had none – Parent

Break4Change is an innovative project working creatively with families in crisis due to the level of violence and abuse being exhibited by teenagers towards their parents or carers.

Since 2009 Break4Change has helped over 200 people affected by Child-to-Parent Violence (CPV) the vast majority of who have reported a cessation of, or significantly reduced violence in the home.

The project has established an academic evidence base and a Responding to CPV toolkit which has been diseminated across Europe. Alongside founder partners RISE & Brighton & Hove City Council we have trained professionals across the UK and Europe to deliver the work and we are proud that interventions based on Break4Change are now regularly emerging across the country and also in Ireland and Sweden

If you or someone you know has been affected by CPV and would like to find out more about Break4Change in Brighton & Hove, please contact

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