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AudioActive is pleased to announce the two artists chosen for EMERGE, it’s artist development programme.

dereck d.a.c. and Casper the Ghost have been chosen as the successful applicants for 2020/21, following a competitive series of interviews and live try-outs that showcased the potential of the Brighton and Sussex music scene.

Funded by PRS Foundation, the programme gives these two young artists the opportunity to work with AudioActive mentors, make the most of the organisation’s connections with the music industry and, receive financial backing for what see fit at this exciting turning point in their careers.

Casper the Ghost

Casper (Ellie) is a 20-year-old singer, songwriter, rapper and producer from Brighton.

Their haunting vocals take inspiration from the likes of artists such as Biig Piig, Spooky Black and Ama Lou. Casper’s music is an eclectic mix of lofi, hip-hop, trap, and trip hop, creating a sound that is truly her own.

A regular attendee of Equaliser, AudioActive’s music production sessions led by and for women, Ellie is eager to grow her musical arsenal further with equipment and lessons. With a debut EP in the works, Casper has received attention from some acclaimed magazines and blogs already. We’re looking forward to helping her hit the ground running.

Follow Casper on Instagram and Spotify.

dereck d.a.c.

At 23-years-old, Brighton rapper dereck d.a.c. is a young veteran of the city’s underground hip-hop community.

Having built up the confidence to perform his self-reflective lyrics in AudioActive’s rap sessions, dereck has gone onto to perform at major venues in both Brighton and London.

Dereck De Abreu Coelho’s music takes influence from his upbringing in Brazil and Barcelona, where he lived before moving to the UK aged 8. With two EPs under his belt, including the 2020-released blue that helped him sell out a batch of cassette tapes, d.a.c.’s D.I.Y approach massively impressed our judges.

Follow dereck d.a.c. on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Spotify.


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