LISTEN: audioactiveFM (May 2021)


We’re approaching a year of AudioActiveFM now, and the consistency of the Young People who make it happen every month is remarkable.

The seasons have changed but the mentality behind the radio show has not. As ever, the show is a platform for local talent and things happening in our community, so expect a catch-up with fellow Brighton charity Grass Roots, as well as music from Sabrina Gunston, Royal Blood and Kymara & Bobbie Johnson. 

Listen below.

Sound Design from Ewan Hallat, Josh Tarzi, Kindred McNeilage & Tom Doherty
Journalism by Poppy Edgar
Music Supervision by Ewan Hallatt and Elijah Peart
Presented by Sammy Zottola & Adenuga Banjoko
And Produced by Nelson Navarro

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